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How was Farmbnb born?

Once upon a time... two friends, tired of everyday Warsaw struggles, wanted to get away for a few moments. Relax in a place where no matter where they look, they’ll see lush green fields; no matter where they cast their fishing rods they’ll catch a fish; and they won’t have to look far for homemade, delicious food. Without wasting too much time reading blogs and forums, they relied on a recommendation. So four and a half hours away from home, they came to an agriturismo in the village of Rutka Tartak, just by the Lithuanian border.

Indeed, the fish were abundant, greens everywhere, and Maria did the best cepelins in the area.

But if you want to relax, recharge, sometimes having only one or two days, you really have to run as far away? No... not necessarily.

Why was Farmbnb created?

Think for a moment about your recent holiday trips. Wherever you were, ask yourself – why there? What was the spark, the first thing that initiated the idea of going there? Was it: “Hey let’s go Rutka Tartak / Banff/ Augustów / Spindleruv Mlyn" or other city names, or maybe, it was something more like, "hmmm, let’s go to the mounatains / to the lake / biking / fishing / mushroom picking / kayaking"?

Sure, in many cases, we're going to Tuscany for the unique views, to Cracow for Wawel, to Salzburg or Prague for the city itself. But in many cases, the beginning of the trip is the idea of how we want to spend our free time ... not where we want to spend our free time.

This is how the idea to create Farmbnb was born. Something different, where the focus is on the way of spending free time, not on a specific place.

What is Farmbnb?

We’re creating Farmbnb with passion and a passion for travel. There’s 3 of us, Piotr, Artur and Przemek. We’re creating Farmbnb of need, because we lacked a website that would allow us discover near or far places that we never knew existed, presented in a friendly, clear and simple manner.

We needed a website that would saves us time to find the places. A website, that would eliminate the need to make 10 phone calls to check availability. A website that will simplify the booking process and allow us to pay online.

We’re sharing Farmbnb with you, as a result of our search here and there, for places worth seeing, away from the hustle & bustle, noise and crowds. We find agriturismos, b&b’s and small hotels run by people with a passion and an idea how they want to be special. They do not necessarily have to be beautiful mansions, palaces or pampered wonders and inventions of townspeople in every respect. (although we like such places too) It is important that every property we choose to work with is clean, neat and is definitely something much more than "cheap accommodation".

So we are looking for places with interesting facilities and attractions on-site, in the neighbourhood or in the area. Places that will be a good base for exploring the area, on foot or by bike, mushroom picking and fishing. Places where you can (although it is not necessary) eat real home-made sausages from the backyard smokehouse, fruits and vegetables from the garden or orchard, cheese from Rosie’s milk, preserves and jams from own produce, have a sip of home-made mead.

We simplify the entire booking process, from inquiry to booking confirmation and a convenient online deposit payment.

And now imagine the peace, quiet, meadows and beautiful landscapes with undisturbed views...

Farmbnb in the media

We’re always happy when someone notices our efforts and wishes to share the news with the world. They already did:

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