Dwór Łumbie

Natalia Perzyna
Sejny, Podlasie Voivodship, Poland



Dwór Łumbie is a cozy property located near the border with Lithuania, in the Sejny community of Podlasie. It is just 30 km from Suwałki, 50 km from Augustów, 85 km from Ełk and 130 km from Białystok.


Dwór Łumbie is primarily characterized by spacious interiors and idyllic atmosphere. There are two bedrooms and a two-room apartment, which can accommodate 4 people. Each of the guestrooms has its own bathroom and TV.

Common areas

Guests of Dwór Łumbie can gather in the dining room with a with a fireplace.

Dining / kitchen

The hosts of Dwór Łumbie are master chefs in their region. They offer delicious breakfasts with self-baked, fresh bread and dinners with delicious desserts. As for the type of dishes served, there are no restrictions - the owners are open to the suggestions of their guests, and also adjust meal times to individual needs.

Attractions on-site

Around the manor there is a spacious garden with a gazebo where you can relax while the local pond is a paradise for anglers and kayakers. However, what particularly distinguishes the property is the culinary workshop organized by the hosts, during where you can learn a lot about the regional Polish-Lithuanian cuisine, making cheese, sausages and ham, as well as various types of baked goods.

Attractions for kids
Attractions for kids

In the Łumbie Mansion there's also something for kids. The youngest have a small playground and a charming tree house at their disposal. 

Attractions in the area

The Łumbie noble village can boast of several monuments entered into the register of the National Institute of Heritage - a court complex from the end of the 19th century and wooden farm buildings were distinguished. 

As far as natural wonders are concerned, there are many lakes nearby (including Lake Sejny with the city beach in Gaładuś, Płaskie Lake or Szejpiszki Lake) favouring fishing and kayaking. However, the most interesting place in terms of nature is definitely the Wigry National Park - one of the largest parks in Poland, located in the northern part of the vast Augustów Primeval Forest. 

In turn, if you're in search of interesting monuments, you should go to Sejny, which is the borderland of Polish Lithuanians. There are beautiful sacred buildings, such as a church complex and a monastery building, combining elements of Baroque, Classicism, Gothic and Rococo, the Baroque chapel of St. Agata (patron of the city), a former Evangelical church from 1844 or the White Synagogue, where Sejny Jews were praying, constituting in the nineteenth century the majority of the city's citizens. Particularly noteworthy is the miraculous figure of Our Lady of Sejny - a unique masterpiece of Gothic art. In addition, it is worth seeing two monuments: Antoni Baranowski (Sejny bishop) and the Sejny Uprising, which broke out in 1919, as well as the classicist Town Hall and the Bishop's Palace, where the Museum of the Sejny Region is now located.

In short

  • x 7
  • x 3
  • x 12
  • fishing
  • biking
  • meat products
  • cheese
  • peace and quiet


Attractions and amenities

Our animals
dog, cat
Our produce
honey, bread, cheese, meat products, jams
Regional produce
cheese, meat products
On-site amenities
hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, peace and quiet
Regional activities
fishing, hiking, biking, watersports, kayaking, peace and quiet, nature park, historic site, museum, public beach, mushroom picking
Winter attractions
U nas zimą jeszcze jest śnieg! Niedaleko mamy wyciąg narciarski w Szelmencie (to w Polsce) lub w Druskiennikach (to na Litwie). Trasy dla narciarzy biegowych właściwie tuż za oknem, lub profesjonalnie przygotowane w Wigierskim Parku Narodowym. Sanki też się znajdą. Kilka (płytkich) stawów do jazdy na łyżwach też jest. Słowem, będzie super.
Other local attractions
żeby np. samemu osnakować pszczelą matkę, pobliska pasieka prowadzi lekcje o życiu pszczół. Fantastyczna atrakcja dla dzieci i dorosłych ciekawych przyrody. Niepowtażalna okazja, Zaprzyjaźniona z nami
pieczenia ciast i chlebów. Nauczymy was nawet jak w domu bez specjalnego pieca upiec prawdziwy sękacz! Wszystkich spragnionych wiedzy i nowych smaków zapraszamy po uprzednim ustaleniu telefonicznym., wyrobu kiełbas i wędlin, serowarstwa, jesienią i zimą prowadzimy warsztaty kulinarne. Zdradzamy tajniki kuchni regionalnej pogranicza Polsko - Litewskiego, Wiosną


Double beds
Double sofa bed
Pokój z antresolą
Single beds
Double beds
Dwupokojowy apartament
Double beds
Double sofa bed

Basic information

Minimum stay
Max no. of persons in room
4 (together with extra beds)
Check-in time
Check-out time
Non-refundable deposit required
20 %
On-line payments
Price per animal
1.00 PLN each
Max group size
Languages spoken


Per person
25.00 PLN
Large, late supper
Per person
35.00 PLN

Other information

The average response time to the request
0.93 h
Organized attractions
local produce, sightseeing
Size of land (ha)
Special diets


Łumbie 26 16-500, Sejny
Poland, Podlasie Voivodship