An amazing adventure
in the Farmbnb team
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Who are we?

Farmbnb is being created by people who miss not having a single, cross-border marketplace with cool and unusual destinations, that offer much more than just a place to sleep.

We can’t imagine a life with travels, trips and enjoying the boundless nature. At that same time, we really appreciate our free time and prefer going for a walk rather than spending hours or even days looking for the right place to stay. Sure, that usually is fun too, but not more, than actually being there...

We understand that time is precious these days, so we decided to create an environment, where a user can easily find the perfect countryside hideaway, and seamlessly book their stay, no matter if it's in their country of origin or abroad.

Where are we heading?

We want to slowly change the landscape of the European and global countryside tourism, as we believe that lots can be done in that field. While being beautiful it seems forgotten.

We have a hands-on approach and weren’t afraid to get 100% involved in a new concept. We’re not afraid of changes nor stirring up the hornet’s nest. Especially when all we hear is “that's impossible, you won’t succeed”

Who are we looking for?

We’re always open to meet new, creative persons, who are not afraid to speak-out, suggest changes, what they’d improve and how they would do it.

If you’re creative, flexible and would like to join a team of enthusiasts with a solid business background, creating a cross-border project, let us know you exist.

You can send us your resume, where we’ll get to know what you’ve been up to until now. In a few sentences, tell us what you’d like to do within Farmbnb - it doesn’t have to be a cover letter, but take a moment to convince us why we need You.