Casa Burboleta

Ingeborg Witzmann
Carrapateira, Alentejo, Portugal


Common areas
Common areas

Casa Borboleta guests have the whole house just for them. 

Dining / kitchen

Casa Borboleta is a self-catering property.

Attractions on-site

Casa Borboleta has a balcony, while the farm has a beautiful garden where you can relax and organize a barbecue. However, the most interesting attraction for the local guests is the nearby beach, which can be reached by car, walking through the breathtaking dunes or passing the lagoon by canoe or small boat. You do not need to worry about beach accessories, because towels, an umbrella, a beach blanket and even snorkeling equipment await guests on site.

Attractions in the area
Attractions in the area

The area around the village of Carrapateira is famous for its many beautiful beaches, such as Amado Beach, Praia da Cordoama in Bispo and Arrifana Beach in Aljezur. However, these are not the only attractions attracting tourists - the region can also boast of interesting historical places, including Ponta do Castelo (place of archaeological excavations), 10th century ruins of the Moorish castle and numerous museums, including Museu do Mar e da Terra da Carrapateira (Museum of Natural History) or Museu Pintor Jose Cercas. It is also worth seeing the beautiful scenery from the Pontal da Carrapateira viewpoint, as well as visiting the horseracing tracks - Holistic Being with Horses in the village of Carrapateira and Adventure Riding in the village of Aljezur.

In short

  • x 2
  • x 1
  • x 3
  • biking
  • watersports
  • peace and quiet


Attractions and amenities

Our animals
dog, cat, chickens, cow, rabbit, geese, horses
Our produce
Regional produce
olive oil, wine, spirits, cheese, meat products
On-site amenities
windsurfing, biking, kids corner, free boat rental, paid bike rental, BBQ, peace and quiet, kayaking, watersports
Regional activities
scuba diving, horseback riding, public beach, museum, nature park, peace and quiet, kayaking, watersports, windsurfing, biking, hiking, fishing
Winter attractions
walking routes
Other local attractions


casa Burboleta
Single beds
Double beds

Basic information

Max no. of persons in room
3 (together with extra beds)
Check-in time
Check-out time
Non-refundable deposit required
30 %
On-line payments
Max group size
Languages spoken
German, Italian, Spanish, English

Other information

The average response time to the request
7.49 h
Organized attractions
local produce
Size of land (ha)


monte da cunca 8670-230, Carrapateira
Portugal, Alentejo