Farmbnb is dedicated

for places in the countryside: agriturismos, b&b, small hotels, cottages, glamping and everything in between.

Farmbnb is dedicated for countryside properties

Dedicated for countryside properties

A countryside property is very different than a city hotel. It has a completely different set of amenities and qualities. It requires a dedicated sales channel.

Experiences are more important than the room

People go out of town, to spend a great day. So, why focus only on the room, which caters the night? Okay, a nice room is always important. But in the case of a countryside retreat - it’s not key!

No one will show it better

We’ve designed the property profile in a way, to emphasize all of your assets and amenities, to focus on the tastes, views and experiences on site and in the area.

Experiences first. Accommodation after.

Most online travel agents focus on showing the room and bathroom, from 100 different angles. Sure, that’s important when on a trip to Barcelona.

Don’t get us wrong. We too care for sleep and accommodation quality. A clean room, bed and bathroom will always be important.

But we’re on a trip out of town, to relax in the wild nature, at a lake, in a forest or among animals. To explore the area or for a wine tour, to go biking, kayaking, go fish or pick mushrooms. We go to the countryside to taste home made food, sourdough bread, real ham and home made cheese. To have eggs from a happy chicken or milk from Molly, the cow.

Ask yourself this question: Did any of the other sites ask you for pictures of your goats/sheep/alapacas/dogs and cats? Do they care that you make the best ham, and your mom taught you her secret recipe for the best jams in the world? And even if you don’t offer food and meals, was there any room to show the surroundings, the bikes or canoes you rent out or the fish to be caught in the nearby lake?

We thought so. Your property, where people come to breathe fresh air, roam in the meadows, taste your home made food, pet your animals or just to relax with awesome views probably ended up in the same bag as a bustling city hotel in New York.

Farmbnb - experiences first - accommodation after

Handling inquiries

We don’t require you to have a constantly up to date calendar. That means you wont be getting automatic reservations. Unless you want to.

  • 1

    Inquiry by Text and an email

    Every time, we’ll send you an email and a text message, which includes the number of people, price, dates.

  • 2


    The email will include 3 possible answer links: Confirm, Reject or Offer alternative dates.

  • 3

    Online payment

    The client will receive your reply immediately as you click on a link. If you confirm the dates, the client will have 24 hours to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure the dates. Our clients can pay by credit card, and the deposit will find its way on your account within a few days.

  • 4

    Chat with the client

    Our chat module enables you to chat with the client. With just a few clicks, you can generate a special offer for the client, to be paid for using their credit/debit card.

  • 5

    Calendar sync

    Do have an online calendar or use a channel manager? Awesome! we can connect to your calendar using an iCal or Google calendar link or try to integrate with your channel manager.


International reach

Farmbnb is created as a project with international reach.

Easy to use host’s panel

We focused on creating an easy to use host’s panel. Creating a profile will take you 10-20 minutes

No calendar

You don’t have to keep our calendar up to date. You will receive an inquiry from us every time.

No automatic reservations

You don’t get automatic reservations, unless you want to. We can sync your iCal or integrate with your channel manager

Our reservation module on your webpage

Do you like our reservations module? Would you like to start offering online payments? No problem! two lines of code on your page, and you’re all set!

Online payments

Our clients can pay the non-refundable deposits by credit or debit card. You will get your funds within a few days.

Social media promotion

We grow when you grow. That’s why we promote the places working with us on social media.

You pay only for results

We take a commission only for real bookings we bring you. But if you prefer a fixed fee, thats possible too.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Farmbnb?

Farmbnb is an online booking site focused on countryside properties, where guests come to have a great time and spend a great day.

How is Farmbnb different?

We focus on selling the day, rather than the night. We show the properties working with us, from an experience perspective, focusing on the cool things guests can do during the day, on site and in the area.

What does Farmbnb mean?

Farmbnb is short for Farm bed and breakfast. As opposed to some other similar sounding sites, not all, but many of our property hosts do offer at least a breakfast.

Do I need to offer meals?

Of course not. While we do like hosts that offer a little more than just a roof and cozy bed, if you manage a cottage or similar self-catering properties, thats fine too. We’ve got quite a few of those as well.

Did we convince you?

We hope we did. The sign-up will be quick, shouldn’t take you more than 10-20 minutes.

Count me in!

However, if you still have any doubts, that’s okay. You can contact us with any questions, or we can get back to you, whichever you prefer.