Siedlisko Czajków 122

Czajków, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland


Near the forest, surrounded by nature, lies the charming Siedlisko Czajków 122. It is located 40 km from Sieradz, 45 km from Ostrów Wielkopolski and Kalisz, 120 km from Łódź and less than 140 km from Wrocław.


Czajków 122 consists of four rooms. On the ground floor there is a vestibule, a fully equipped kitchen and an lovely room with three beds, a table, chairs, armchairs and a fireplace, while the attic is a place suitable for sleeping in the summer season. The shower and sauna are located in the utility room, and the toilet in the outside backhouse.

Dining / kitchen

Siedlisko Czajków 122 is a self-catering property.

Attractions on-site

A beautiful garden stretches around the house, where you can relax in peace, light a barbecue or bonfire (in a designated place with benches and a table) or collect fruits from the local trees. It is also worth taking a walk to a nearby forest for mushroom picking.

Attractions in the area

Czajków and the surroundings are primarily a cluster of water reservoirs. The most interesting places of this type include Water reservoir Przykona in Jakubce, Beach on the Warta river in Uniejów, Beach on the Zalew Murowaniec or Water wharf in Kalisz.

Tourists looking for additional attractions can visit the Thermal and Pool Complex and Aquapark in Uniejów. In this area there are also some unique historical monuments, such as impressive castles - among others a Gothic defensive Castle in Koło, erected before 1362 by Kazimierz the Great, or the 14th-century Castle of Archbishops of Gniezno; Manor house of Maria Dąbrowska in Russów, Center of Culture and Art and the Center of Drawing and Graphics named after Tadeusz Kulisiewicz in Kalisz, St. Nicholas Cathedral from the second half of the thirteenth century, Kalisz market and Zagroda Młynarska in Uniejów.

In turn, attractive places, especially for families, are certainly the City Park and the SAFARI ZOO in Borysewo.


5 beds

2 rooms



peace and quiet
On-site amenities
peace and quiet, BBQ, sauna, board games, fishing, biking, hiking
Regional activities
kayaking, mushroom picking, peace and quiet, hiking, fishing
Max group size
Pets allowed
Languages spoken
English, Spanish
No possibility to buy meals on site
On-line payments
Non-refundable deposit required
25 %
Minimum stay
2 days
Max no. of persons in room
3 (together with extra beds)


Czajków 122,
Czajków, 63-524
Greater Poland Voivodeship