Chatka w lesie

Teremiski, Podlaskie, Polska

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Among the ancient woods of the Białowieza Forest, where a silent murmur of bisons can be heard, lies the unique Chatka w Lesie. It’s an agriturismo located not far from the village of Teremiski, about 18 km away from Hajnowka and nearly 80 km east from Bialystok.


The entire cottage is available for rent. The owners made sure that a stay at Chatka w Lesie is unforgettable not only because of its location in the middle of Bialowieza nature park. The facility itself consists of a two story building. The lower floor is occupied by the bathroom, kitchen, living room with a fireplace, bedroom, and also a roofed terrace one can discreetly admire the surrounding beauty of nature from. The upper floor, on the other hand, consists of two bedrooms. The cottage has a total of four beds available, including one double bed, although it is also possible to set an extra bed. The kitchen is well-equipped – The guests can even find a mushroom dryer here. The bathroom, apart from the shower and toilet, also includes towels and a hair dryer, and people staying with their kids will certainly be happy to be able to use a baby bathtub.

Atrakcje na miejscu

While their kids are absorbed with different attractions, the parents can also get busy reading (there’s a bookshelf available), playing board games, playing Pétanque, or discovering their inner child and flying a kite. And that’s only some of the attractions…

Atrakcje dla dzieci

Chatka w Lesie is a place where children were kept in mind – not only will they not get bored, but they will become captivated with the educational games, jigsaw puzzles or LEGO blocks. The kiddie bookshelf is full of books and coloring pages. 

Atrakcje w okolicy

Białowieża National Park needs no introduction. As a UNESCO world heritage site it offers a unique opportunity to discover an ancient forest and unlimited possibilities of exploring the woods.

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grzybobranie, zabytek, cisza i spokój, park narodowy, muzeum


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kolonia Teremiski,
Teremiski, 17-230